The 512KB Club

The internet has become a bloated mess. Huge JavaScript libraries, countless client-side queries and overly complex frontend frameworks are par for the course these days.

When popular website like The New York Times are multiple MB in size (nearly 50% of which is JavaScript!), you know there’s a problem. Why does any site need to be that huge? It’s crazy.

But we can make a difference - all it takes is some optimisation. Do you really need that extra piece of JavaScript? Does your WordPress site need a theme that adds lots of functionality you’re never going to use? Are those huge custom fonts really needed? Are your images optimised for the web?

The 512KB Club is a collection of performance-focused web pages from across the Internet. To qualify your website must satisfy both of the following requirements:

  1. It must be an actual site that contains a reasonable amount of information, not just a couple of links on a page (more info here).
  2. Your total UNCOMPRESSED web resources must not exceed 512KB.

Help support the 512KB Club

It takes a lot of work to run the 512KB Club. We rely on the kind work of a couple of great volunteers. If you want to support the 512KB Club, please do think about buying us a coffee.

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