The 512KB Club

Frequently Asked Questions

This page is intended to answer any questions you may have about joining or maintaining the 512KB Club. If you still have unanswered questions after reading this page, please submit an issue in GitHub and we will endeavour to answer your question.

How do I join The 512KB Club?

If you're interested in getting your site added to The 512KB Club, all you need to do is follow these instructions:

  1. Do a Cloudflare URL Scan on your website.
  2. Once complete, check the "Bytes Total" stat in the "Network" card to make sure the **uncompressed** size of your site is less than 512KB.
  3. If your site satisfies this requirement, create a pull request (instructions here) to add your site.
  4. I will then review you PR and merge it into main. Once merged, your site will be added to the list.

Note: I reserve the right to not add sites based on whether I think they're suitable to be added or not.

Can I add something to my site to show I'm in the 512KB club?

If your site qualifies for The 512KB Club, I will add it to one of the following 3 teams:

  1. The green team is for sites with a total uncompressed size of less than 100KB.
  2. The orange team is for sites with a total uncompressed size of less than 250KB.
  3. The blue team is for sites with a total uncompressed size of less than 512KB.

Once you're a proud member of one of the teams, you are free to use one of the banners/buttons below on your own website. You can either save the SVG/GIF or use the code snippet below (remembering to change the name to whichever team you're in).

green team banner

orange team banner

blue team banner

green team button

orange team button

blue team button

<a href=""><img src=""
               alt="a proud member of the green team of 512KB club" /></a>
<a href=""><img src=""
               alt="a proud member of the green team of 512KB club" /></a>

Alternatively, you can add the banner to your site in pure HTML/CSS using this CodePen as a guide.

I've made changes to my site and it's a different size now. What do i do?

We regularly check all the sites that are added to the The 512KB Club (yes, its a big job. If you want help, contact me). But if you have made changes and the size of your site needs updating please log a new GitHub Pull Request.

My site doesn't qualify, what can I do?

Many sites won't qualify for the 512KB Club, but there are some quick things you could try to reduce the size of your site:

1. Replace custom fonts with a local font stack by replacing your font-family declarations in your CSS to one of the following:

# Sans-serif font stack
font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Avenir Next", Avenir, "Nimbus Sans L", Roboto, Noto, "Segoe UI", Arial, Helvetica, "Helvetica Neue", sans-serif;

# Serif font stack
font-family: Constantia, "Lucida Bright", Lucidabright, "Lucida Serif", Lucida, "DejaVu Serif", "Bitstream Vera Serif", "Liberation Serif", Georgia, serif;

2. Optimise any images you have on your page. Short Pixel is a great service for this.

3. If all else fails and your site is pretty close the 512KB, but not quite there, why not apply for Bradley Taunt's 1MB Club instead?

What's the point of all this?

That's a great question!

I decided to start this project for a couple of reasons:

  1. Most, if not all, of the sites listed are personal sites. Many of which are blogs. The 512KB Club is a great way of discovering other blog owners who are also interested in minimalist/efficient web design. Think of it like a modern day webring.
  2. It's a bit of fun, so why not?
I see a problem / how do I get in touch?

See a problem on this site? Maybe there's a site listed that's not longer live, or no longer qualifies for the club. Or, maybe you just want to get in touch for some reason.

If so, create an issue on GitHub or use the contact page on my main website.

Ultra minimal / link pages won't be added

The whole point of the 512KB Club is to showcase what can be done with 512KB of space. Anyone can come along and make a <10KB site containing 3 lines of CSS and a handful of links to other pages.

That's NOT a good showcase of what can be done with 512KB.

What we're looking for are sites with interesting design concepts that prove 512KB is a load of space that you can do so much with.

If we decide that your site qualifies as "ultra-minimal" or is simply just a page containing a paragraph of text and some links, it probably won't be added.

We reserve the right to add sites that may qualify as "ultra-minimal" or "link pages" if they offer a particularly interesting design, or display the information in a unique way.

We're aware there are a number of these sites that have already been added to the 512KB Club, and we're slowly working our way through and removing them. If you notice a site in the list that you think qualifies, please do submit an issue on GitHub to let us know.

Illegal or inappropriate content

This can be anything we deem inappropriate for the 512KB Club. Things like pornographic sites, or sites that contain NSFW material will not be added. Basically, if you wouldn't show it to your grandma or your kids, you're probably not going to get accepted.

We reserve the right to refuse any site we deem to be inappropriate, even if it doesn't obviously align to any of the rules stated above.